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TANITA"The Standard

Adopted on 1479V, 1479J, 1479J2.
Counterfeits of our high-precision,
high-quality Mini Scales are reportedly
on the market.

Digital Mini Scale

Digital Mini Scale

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Extremely strong security

Tanita utilizes a new service for determining
authenticity with the new PUF authentication
method developed by Toppan Printing.
This new system is actually impossible to
counterfeit or alter, which means extremely
strong security.


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The user will be able to easily assess whether
a product is genuine simply by reading the
IC tag embedded in the product using an
Android application*.
*Compatible with devices with Android 4.4.0
and later, and NFC R/W function.
An Internet connection is needed for
authentication.(Not compatible with iPhone.)

Assessment Flow

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9 languages

Supports nine languages* and can be used
throughout the world.
*English, French, German, Dutch, Italian,
Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.
Language automatically selected based
on the Android device’s language settings.
(Set to English if language is other than
the nine listed.)

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  • italian
  • dutch
  • spanish
  • russian
  • chinese
  • japanese
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