The TANITA Healthy Weight Community Trust

The TANITA Healthy Weight Community Trust is a system established to promote scientific studies and practical educational activities with the goal to eliminate obesity and encourage people to maintain optimal weight/body composition.

Please be informed that since 2017, the application will be limited to researches and activities in Japan to focus and enhance the support for them, considering their significant increase in these years.

In the meantime, it will be informed in this page if the application is opened again for outside Japan.

公益信託 タニタ健康体重基金

「公益信託 タニタ健康体重基金」は肥満の解消、適正体重の維持に関するすぐれた科学的研究および啓発的な実践活動について助成する制度です。



「公益信託 タニタ健康体重基金」では、毎年1回募集し、厳正な審査の上、助成先を選定しています。